We’ve Made Some Updates

We’ve released seven new improvements and changes to Vista

UM is now Near

UM, the leader in mobile location data, joins Near, the world’s largest source of intelligence on people and places, to make it easier for customers to gain critical insights from our combined data to improve business operations.  

The strategic acquisition of UM will enable Near to enhance its portfolio of data intelligence products for its customers in the US market.  

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Data Explorer

We’ve launched our new CEL/CDL Expanded Report, removed the CEL-CDL Distance Report, and introduced the new GeoSocial Affinity Report.

Vista Insights

We’ve introduced more geographic context for non-US countries, launched the Visitation Over Time insight in Canada, and added Brand Affinity in Canada as well.

Knowledge Base

We’ve upgraded our help section with an easier to navigate interface and all new content, including case studies and how to guides written by our expert team of analysts.