Understanding Mobile Location Data

This document is a guide to understanding the size, quality, and origin of various data sources so that marketers, brands, researchers, and analysts can make more informed decisions regarding mobile location data.

he marketing claims being made in the mobile location data space center right now focus on quantity and source. Companies making claims in these areas layer their marketing collateral with flashy vanity metrics, usually with the message “bigger is better.” Other companies attempt to differentiate themselves based on the source of the data, claiming there is only one type of SDK that can be trusted.

UberMedia feels that the discussion about mobile location data should be centered on quality and usability, and our focus on those two issues makes us stand out from our competitors.

When to Send: When someone asks about our history as a mobile data provider, our differentiators in the market, where our data is sourced, and what we do to ensure the highest quality of our data
Last Updated: September 2019
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