Location Affinity Reports

A discussion of the methodology behind the development of UberMedia’s Location Affinity reports, as well as a guide on how to interpret the output of these reports.

UberMedia’s Location Affinity report takes a study group of mobile devices and attempts to highlight distinctive aspects of the group’s location visit behavior, by comparing it to a broad baseline control group, and reporting location categories where the study group has significantly different behavior from the control.

The study group can be any set of mobile devices: an arbitrary list uploaded by the user, the visitors to a set of polygons, etc. The control group is formed dynamically by choosing devices from the UberMedia mobile location data pool that have sufficiently high observability over the requested time range for the analysis, and do not overlap with the study group

When to Send: If someone wants to know more about the methodology behind our Location Affinity reports, or if they have a question regarding how to interpret the reports
Last Updated: April 2019
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