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Consumer insights from the world's largest set of mobile location data, perfectly suited to guide and measure OOH campaigns across the world
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A World of Insights for Out of Home Advertising

UM provides OOH professionals with easy-to-use insights and datasets to inform data-driven decision making and answer critical questions about consumer behavior.

We help OOH professionals uncover powerful insights for media planning and buying, using near real-time information from mobile location data


Able to evaluate any location, from small to massive geographies


Up to date information on consumer behavior available in near real-time


Easily transformed to fit your exact OOH needs and reveal the answers you need


Our team has extensive experience providing solutions for OOH advertising partners

Answers ready for the out of home industry

Reveal Audiences

Understand the exact audience for your inventory as it changes throughout the day and week

Understand Trends

Guide decision making in unprecedented times with up-to-date data on consumer movement

Measure Impact

Explore the impact of OOH campaigns with precise data from audience devices in the real world

Case Study: Out of Home

Read how UM was able to bring guidance to Chameleon Digital and Street Metric in an unprecedented time. Through the power of mobile location data, UM helped provide precise data to OOH vendors to guide their decision making.

Why choose UM?

We're a team of innovators, scientists, and engineers that have been leading the world of mobile location data for ten years. We've spent our history developing the most powerful location insight platform on the market, with a guaranteed foundation of clean, accurate, mobile location data.
Working with UM is more than just insights, we provide guidance and answers to any question your team has. We're the helpful side of mobile location data, and we're with you every step of the way.
Massive Scale

Built on 1 billion devices of data

Historical Data

Analysis that reaches back five years

Global Reach

Data from 180+ countries

Unparalleled Accuracy

15-step data cleaning and processing

Quality Training

40+ educational materials

Powerful Support

More than just problem solving

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Discover how location insights can guide your organization's growth. Uncover unexpected correlations between visitation trends, consumer behavior, demographic profiles, and key business decisions.

Insights provided by UM in any study mentioned are aggregated and de-identified, not tied to any single device or individual. UM adheres to GDPR and CCPA and has been certified for privacy compliance by Verasafe, an independent third party.