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What’s New in Vista this Week

Data Explorer

  • Historical CEL/CDL Expanded Report Launch 
  • GeoSocial Affinity Report is available

Vista Insights

  • More geographic context for non-US countries
  • Visitation Over Time available in Canada
  • Brand Affinity available in Canada

Vista and Homepage

  • Knowledge Base is open to all

Data Explorer: Common Evening and Common Daytime Expanded Report

To support our users’ need to deeply understand historical changes in visitor Common Evening (CEL) and Common Daytime (CDL) Locations, we have enhanced our Common Evening Common Daytime Expanded Report. The report will now include CEL/CDL changes over the specified time period using an additional timestamp field.

The Expanded Standard version will provide a line item for every new CEL/CDL and summarize the # of visits per CEL/CDL in a newly created “Visit Count” column.

The Expanded Detailed version will provide a CEL/CDL line item for every visit made to the location. 

Please note that the packages for both the Standard and Detailed versions of the Expanded CEL/CDL report will be delivered in a zip file that includes 3 gzips -CEL file, CDL file, and the summary file.

For additional information on these updates and changes, please download our resource kit which includes sample data and updated whitepapers.

Data Explorer: GeoSocial Affinity Report

In partnership with, we have created two new products that unlock the power of human movement data combined with GeoSocial segmentation to reveal insights into the social media behaviors behind geo-footprints.

In Data Explorer, the GeoSocial Affinity report gives you the ability to narrow in on observed visitors within a POI or retail location, and discover dominant and uniquely significant social media segments of the people who are frequenting the location.

When paired with Market Insights, GeoSocial data can provide neighborhood-level views of human movement, social media activity, visitation growth over time, and general retail activity.

This is a great new asset that support marketing and communications insights and messaging, tenancy mix analysis and consumer profiling applications. For more information, download our whitepaper. Talk to your representative or reply to this email if you would like access to this new offering.

Vista Insights: More Geographic Context in International Locations

We have now added more granular geographic context for every country in the world! Context will be specific to that country.



Vista Insights: Visitation Over Time Now Available in Canada

Our most loved insight is now available in Canada! Run a health check on your site or competitor sites and see if visitation is trending up or down. This is calculated by taking the highest and lowest trafficked days over the time frame and using them to establish a baseline against which all other days could be compared.

Vista Insights: Brand Affinity Now Available in Canada

Learn the affinity visitors to the property have for certain brands over others. This is derived by looking at the retail locations the visitors seen at the study property have been to over the trailing year and comparing that visitation behavior to the behavior of the average person in the area.

Please note: Brand Affinity is a paid add-on insight.

Knowledge Base is Available to All

We have created an easy-to-navigate hub for you to learn about our data, reports, troubleshoot and more. Get started on our main page or check out our Case Studies and How To Guides which were written by analysts!

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