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How Toyota Drove Nascar Fans Into Dealerships

March 22, 2017 – GeoMarketing UberMedia analyzed geo-data at Nascar races and dealer showrooms as Toyota celebrated its 10th anniversary in Nascar with a new Camry.

Toyota’s promotion of its 2018 Camry during Nascar races appears to have proved the axiom that “nothing succeeds like success.”

Case in point, Nascar fans who saw a Toyota win during The Daytona 500 Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series, which kicked off at the end of February, were more likely to visit one of the brand’s dealerships, according to cross-channel analytics platform UberMedia.

UberMedia used its mobile location data analysis to look into the effect that Toyota’s Nascar participation — now in its 10th anniversary in chartering a racing team at Nascar — has had on influencing people to visit actual dealerships during 2015 and 2016.

To continue reading, please visit David Kaplan’s article on GeoMarketing.

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