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Leveraging Purchase Data for Mobile Ad Targeting

Device-IP Bridging

Device-IP Bridging This paper outlines device IP bridging. UberMedia collects billions of opt-in mobile location datapoint each day. This human movement data is supplemented with additional meta […]

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Data Privacy Statement

Data Privacy Statement This paper outlines UberMedia’s privacy information for partners and clients. We understand that many of our partners and customers (“Partners”), as well as consumers, […]

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Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary This paper outlines the fields we store long term and leverage for audience building and data deals. For those partners licensing a data feed from […]

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Audience Building and Expansion

Audience Building and Expansion This document describes how UberMedia creates focused and scalable mobile audiences. UberMedia has created a robust methodology for building and expanding audiences that […]

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Audience Affinity

Audience Affinity This document describes the audiences included in UberMedia’s Audience Affinity Report. UberMedia’s Audience Affinity Report reveals the likelihood that your customers would or would not […]

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