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Lovely Leading Ladies in Mobile

March 8, 2017 – Lovely Mobile March 8th is not just another day in March, it is International Women’s Day. A day we commemorate and celebrate the amazing work women do.
At Lovely Mobile News, we believe women should be recognized for their amazing contributions all day, every day! Mobile Marketing is kind of our jam, so we wanted to specifically recognize a few powerful women for their inspiring innovations in this industry.
All of the women listed are presented in no particular order. These women range from various backgrounds, yet, all have contributed to the mobile marketing industry.

Gladys Kong, CEO of UberMedia

Gladys Kong is known for being an entrepreneur and innovator in the mobile technology sector. A few of her roles include the VP of engineering at Snap Technologies Inc. and VP of research at Idealab.
Kong has overseen the creation of many companies which encompass Evolution Robotics, Evolution Pages, and Omnilux. Gladys was picked up by UberMedia as its CTO and general manager in 2012 then promoted to CEO in 2015. UberMedia uses social and location information to target mobile ads to individuals.
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