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Covid-19 Social distancing analysis: Pulling the data using Vista

Step 1- Pull data report

  1. In order to complete Step 1, you will need to
  2. Log-in to UberMedia Vista and navigate to the Data Explorer tool.
  3. Ubermedia will already have one report run under your account
  4. Simply hover on the report and click the copy button

4. This will take you to the flow to request a data pull for your study location.

Step 2- Set the parameters

5. Job name- Add a descriptive job name. We have been using this format- Covid_Italy_2020_3_18 (where Covid is the prefix, Italy- the region you are pulling the data for, 2020_3_18- the end date of the report)

6. Set Timeframe- you are able to select any timeframe by either clicking on existing options or by manually setting the start/end date of the report

7. Choose Location-

8. Since you have copied the report you will not have to change any of the settings here.

9. Proceed with clicking on continue

10. On the next page, the “Visitor Count Report” option will already be selected. No other reports are required. Do not change any other settings. Submit the job.

Step 3- Download the report

11. You will get an email when the job is ready. You can either download it from the email or the list of jobs by clicking on the blue file link

12. The report will be in .tsv format

13. Now you will need to prepare the data (step 2). Instructions on how to do it are here.

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