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COVID-19 has made location a common language: Gladys Kong CEO, UberMedia

COVID-19 has put a human aspect to a point where location insight has become a critical tool to understand the spread of the virus.”It helps us understand movement patterns during this time and is helpful in making informed decisions – Gladys Kong CEO of UberMedia.

Tell us about Ubermedia’s COVID-19 resource centre?

When COVID first started obviously a lot of our partners and clients were hurt in this environment and we tried to find the best way we could help. So we put together a resource centre for a number of reasons. The first is to help communities that our data can use to save lives or plan better for the city or to help navigate the situation better. So we put up a data centre we think to help the community. Secondly, we put up resources, not just Ubermedia data but other data that can be connected to human movement data to make insights more powerful. So we decided to list a lot of those other insights as well. Thirdly, we started building insights and analytics that we believe can help our partners and customers during this time. Mainly to understand the impact of COVID, to understand how different industries are impacted and just provide data to help them understand what’s going on.

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