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Case Study: How UberMedia and Chameleon Partnered to Transform OOH Media

Like so many industries today, the global out-of-home (OOH) media landscape was considerably affected by COVID-19. Governmental self-isolation requirements reduced consumer exposure and many brands decided to pause, cancel or reduce OOH ad spending due to ongoing economic and social uncertainty. The true impact of those restrictions remains unclear since traditional measurement bureaus only provide data a couple of times a year.

Chameleon Digital Media, a full-service digital media agency, wanted to provide precise data that allowed OOH vendors to assess the actual impact of COVID19 but also provided a way to identify recovering markets (daily traffic trends data) and market opportunities for their clients. Since 2013, Chameleon has specialized in analytics and dashboards that help brands and advertisers close the gap between OOH and online media. In this instance, their reports would provide actionable insights and sales tools for OOH companies to share with their advertiser base. 

UberMedia provided the data needed to analyze and understand the current state of both indoor and outdoor OOH media. Those invaluable audience analytics helped Chameleon maximize new revenue streams for their partners. OOH vendors looked to Chameleon to recover some of the impressions lost to decreased traffic by retargeting previous visitors with online advertising. Direct clients loved this approach, and used it as a standard for their OOH media purchases. 

The collaboration between Chameleon, UberMedia and OOH partners is prompting data-driven OOH to become the norm, and Chameleon is spearheading this movement in North America. None of this would have been possible without the insights gleaned from UberMedia’s raw data.

Chameleon’s latest customized OOH reporting dashboards were built using UberMedia data, and have boosted UberMedia’s global brand recognition. UberMedia strives to help clients–current and new–understand mobile polygoning and detailed location analysis.  Chameleon dashboards can be an alternative or enhancement to established OOH Measurement Standards.

As people increase the time spent online (especially on their mobile devices) due to the pandemic, there are big opportunities for businesses to reach new consumers and their desired target audience. While most businesses are looking at what’s happening now and what’s coming next, UberMedia provides added value in yet another way.

The UberMedia lookback window uses historical data to analyze past data and trends going back more than five years. Armed with this data, Chameleon can help clients reach audiences that historically frequent certain locations and build lookalike audiences in order to extend their reach. Despite the challenges of the current marketplace, UberMedia and Chameleon have partnered to turn raw data into real results for OOH vendors, ad buyers and consumers.

Click here to explore a sample Chameleon dashboard powered by UberMedia data.